My experience as an intern was full of hands on learning and rewarding work which let me see many different types of accounting I wasn’t even aware of. I’m learning how topics from my classes impact everyday people and understanding what is implied by those topics. The hiring process is very straightforward, transparent, and honest- I didn’t feel once that I couldn’t ask a question that might’ve been embarrassing because I honestly didn’t know. CS&L even reached out to professionals to help me with the relocating process.

Why did you stay at CS&L CPA?

The amazing real people I get to work with! The partners are very accessible and everyone on staff is eager to help try and figure things out together. CS&L is full of caring people who work hard but also are patient and quick to understand that the classroom experience is different than actual work, and they want to help overcome that huge learning curve so everyone can be successful.

— Sean, Tax Intern