Having the opportunity to intern with CS&L CPAs was a great experience all around. I was immediately welcomed by all of my colleagues and they all were happy I was joining their team. They told me I could rely on them for anything I needed help with. This internship allows you to take the knowledge you’ve acquired in the classroom and apply it to real world experiences. Not only will this help you better understand classroom material, but the knowledge I’ve taken away from these past three months at CS&L are beyond what you would find in a classroom. I met one of the Tax Seniors at The University of Tampa’s “Meet the Firms” event, and from there I was offered an interview, and ended up being offered the chance to be the intern. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first internship and highly recommend this company for anyone looking to further their knowledge, expand their connections, and experience a great business environment.

What is it like to move to a different state for an internship and school?

I am originally from Connecticut and attended the University in Massachusetts before transitioning to the University of Tampa. Being new to the school and the city, I couldn’t have asked for a better work culture and colleagues to make me feel welcomed and introduce me to the world of tax.

— Trevor, Client Services Intern