Voted #1 Best Company to Work in Tampa Bay

Voted #1 Best Company to Work in Tampa Bay

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We have an award-winning reputation

In 2020, CS&L CPAs was recognized by Forbes as one of America's Top Tax and Accounting firms of 2020. We have also been named among several of the Top Workplaces programs in the Tampa Bay region. The firm has been recognized as the Small Business of the Year by the Manatee Chamber of Commerce, Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, as well as the “Best Place to work in Tampa Bay” by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. We have been celebrated by the Manatee Community Foundation and the 941CEO Magazine for our commitment to the communities we serve. In 2017, we were included among the nation's Best Firms for Equity Leadership by the Accounting MOVE Project.
Our employees and community clearly agree – CS&L CPAs is an outstanding place to work!


Team Building Committee

The TBC’s mission is to enrich the lives of our team through meaningful activities focused on Culture, Community, & Wellness.

The long-term goal of this committee is to foster a culture that expresses a deep appreciation for our team and great care for the local communities we serve.

We pride ourselves on our company culture. We offer our employees the ideal balance of work and play. Our team takes the time to celebrate our accomplishments and successes together, and we attend many varied events as a group throughout the year, ranging from fitness classes to professional development luncheons and presentations.

Our Firm also emphasizes the importance of philanthropy. We are devoted to giving back to our communities. We encourage our team to sit on non-profit boards and donate our time together towards meaningful volunteer work.

Just as we strive to provide outstanding and innovative solutions for our clients, we also focus on creating a personalized career path for our team.


Mentoring for Success

Our Firm offers an outstanding program called “Mentoring for Success”. This program matches a mentee with a mentor who is an experienced team member and is available to both new hires and existing employees. New hires are automatically enrolled and assigned to a mentor. After one year of employment, team members have the opportunity to choose their top three mentor options.

“Mentoring for Success” benefits the Firm’s staff by encouraging a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie by giving a platform to share and communicate with one another on topics of interest and career development.



The Bradenton, Sarasota and Tampa communities provide the perfect foundation for both experienced and new professionals. Bradenton is an up-and-coming family-friendly area, with vibrant outdoor cultural events and beautiful nature parks to explore for those with an adventurous spirit. Sarasota is known for its arts and culture scene, while being an alluring location due to its sugar-sand beaches. Tampa has an exciting city vibe, offering the many conveniences of urban living. All of our locations offer a myriad of opportunities to meet new people and build relationships while growing your career.


CS&L CPAs is an Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging diversity in the workplace. All employment decisions are based on job requirements and individual qualifications, without regard to race; color; religion; national origin; sex; pregnancy; sexual orientation; gender identity and/or expression; age; disability; genetic information; citizenship status; military service obligations or any other category protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.

Join Our Team

CS&L CPAs has proudly been named as one of Forbes Top Tax and Accounting firms of 2020. In recent years, CS&L CPAs has also been voted a “Best Company to Work for in Florida” by Florida Trend Magazine, and a “Best Place to work in Tampa Bay” by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Our team and principals have been featured in numerous publications for their expertise and commitment to the community in which we live and work. We pride ourselves on our dedication to achieve a balanced work/personal life while providing a supportive team atmosphere. We are pleased to operate in a paperless environment. We are forward thinking and utilize the latest technology to serve our clients and assist our employees in their roles by offering remote access capabilities and industry leading tax and audit software.

At CS&L, continuing education and professional development is highly valued and we wholly support educational and leadership building initiatives to benefit the team.



CS&L is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida with offices in Bradenton, Sarasota and Tampa. Our communities provide a wide range of theatres, clubs, galleries, fine dining, museums, entertainment and of course, miles of white sand beaches. At CS&L, our locations offer a small-town feel, yet in a short drive you can be at major sporting venues or America’s most loved amusement parks.


College Graduates

CS&L realizes the advantage of hiring interns and recent grads to ensure company success in the future. We seek to capitalize on opportunities for you to become knowledgeable in accounting, auditing, consulting and taxation. As an intern or new graduate, you will work closely with all levels of staff, including our principals and managers. We have an open door policy and a performance focused environment that will help you develop both your technical and business skills on the job. If you are interested in starting a rewarding and fulfilling career with high long-term growth potential, please email your resume to [email protected].


Interested in Joining Us?

Choose the job you're interested in and upload your resume (pdf format is preferred) through the form in the sidebar.

To be considered for future positions, you can submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

CS&L Internship Experience

We offer a unique hands-on internship experience that better prepares candidates as they choose a path in either public accounting or private industry. At CS&L CPAs, our paid internship program provides multiple opportunities to apply the classroom lessons in a practical setting.

We help our interns to jump right in and tackle real world projects. We will treat you as a member of our team and give you worthwhile and significant tasks that will help develop the skills you will need as you advance your accounting career. These resume-building experiences will provide a level of ownership and experience that will transcend the internship period. At future job interviews, you will stand out from the competition having already been responsible for an assortment of meaningful projects during your internship with CS&L CPAs. Our interns work on rewarding assignments in diverse industries at various levels of complexity utilizing the latest software technology.

We are proud of the internship program we have built at CS&L CPAs and are pleased to find our interns appreciate working for a prestigious and reputable firm that still manages to maintain a close-knit feeling; a welcome alternative to “The Big Four.” We often refer back to our intern pool when we begin recruiting candidates for open positions.

  • Automatic enrollment in “Mentoring for Success” firm mentor program
  • Competitive pay and overtime compensation
  • Flexible work hours and a great team envirorment 
  • Sophomore, Junior and Senior students may apply for our part-time Tax Administrative Internship experience. 
  • Senior level accounting student, or graduate student with a 3.0 GPA or better are eligible to apply for our Tax and Audit Internships. 
How to Apply

To apply, send resume to [email protected].

Internship Offering

Now interviewing for 2020 Spring Internships!

We encourage students to apply three months prior to internship start date to ensure adequate time for interviewing.

Flexible schedules are offered around student classes, or you may elect to take a semester off from class to work full time. CS&L is pleased to assist you with your housing needs, and will cover your monthly rent payment for a furnished short-term apartment, when appropriate, to assist non-local candidates.

This internship may be put toward your CPA exam requirement of a one year CPA work experience.

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What our interns have to say about CS&L

Having the opportunity to intern with CS&L CPAs was a great experience all around. I was immediately welcomed by all of my colleagues and they all were happy I was joining their team. They told me I could rely on them for anything I needed help with. This internship allows you to take the knowledge you’ve acquired in the classroom and apply it to real world experiences. Not only will this help you better understand classroom material, but the knowledge I’ve taken away from these past three months at CS&L are beyond what you would find in a classroom. I met one of the Tax Seniors at The University of Tampa’s “Meet the Firms” event, and from there I was offered an interview, and ended up being offered the chance to be the intern. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first internship and highly recommend this company for anyone looking to further their knowledge, expand their connections, and experience a great business environment.

What is it like to move to a different state for an internship and school?

I am originally from Connecticut and attended the University in Massachusetts before transitioning to the University of Tampa. Being new to the school and the city, I couldn’t have asked for a better work culture and colleagues to make me feel welcomed and introduce me to the world of tax.

Client Services Intern

Being a client-services intern at CS&L CPAs was an amazing experience! I was able to learn what it was like to work for a public accounting firm during busy season. I was able to be a part of the entire process from the time clients drop off their financial documents until the return is filed. The entire on-boarding process was stress-free. I was always kept in the loop and if I ever had questions they were answered immediately. The staff is extremely welcoming, always willing to help and most of all they kept a positive attitude, even when deadlines were approaching!

How did you know CS&L CPA was a company you wanted to work for?

Being able to come to work every day knowing you will learn something new. Also being around people who are happy to be there makes it such an enjoyable workplace.

On top of all that being right by the water never hurts!

Client Services Intern

My experience as an intern was full of hands on learning and rewarding work which let me see many different types of accounting I wasn’t even aware of. I’m learning how topics from my classes impact everyday people and understanding what is implied by those topics. The hiring process is very straightforward, transparent, and honest- I didn’t feel once that I couldn’t ask a question that might’ve been embarrassing because I honestly didn’t know. CS&L even reached out to professionals to help me with the relocating process.

Why did you stay at CS&L CPA?

The amazing real people I get to work with! The partners are very accessible and everyone on staff is eager to help try and figure things out together. CS&L is full of caring people who work hard but also are patient and quick to understand that the classroom experience is different than actual work, and they want to help overcome that huge learning curve so everyone can be successful.

Tax Intern

Working as a tax intern at CS&L taught me a lot about what the working world is like outside of the classroom setting. I think it was very beneficial to get to experience the busiest season of the year and gain a better understanding of what goes on during tax season. Everyone was very easy to work with at CS&L and always willing to help whenever I had any questions. Although CS&L has three different office locations it was nice that they all worked together as a team and that you get to interact with everyone throughout the firm. I also enjoyed the weekly bod squad workout classes they hosted, it was a fun way to hang out with the other co-workers outside the office and get a good workout in.

Tax Intern

My time here at CS&L CPAs was an amazing experience and opportunity. I felt like my position had a purpose and that I was leaving a lasting impact on the company. I had the opportunity to work closely with the marketing and HR directors on multiple projects. My relationship with the directors evolved into a mentorship. Their constant feedback was very helpful and allowed me to grow as a professional. Lastly, balancing an internship and my school schedule could have been overwhelming. But CS&L CPAs did an amazing job being flexible and working to make this the best experience for me.

What is it like to move to a different state for an internship and school?

Tampa has offered me some of the best years and opportunities. Moving to Florida to go attended college was a dream of mine since I was child. At first moving can be overwhelming, however once you are adjusted you will eventually make Florida your new home. Having an extremely supportive family back home has been the key to my accomplishments here in Tampa. -Erin,
Marketing Intern

CS&L’s internship program provided me with a rewarding experience that has helped mold me into the young professional that I am today. In the early phases of my internship, I began to understand that fostering growth and professional development is paramount within CS&L’s culture. Interns are immediately placed into excellent hands-on training seminars that prepare them for the work that will be assigned, and the “Mentor for Success” program provides a consistent outlet for getting any questions answered that you may have. I also felt that CS&L does a great job in keeping the work/life balance in check by participating in activities such as weekly workouts, firm lunches, happy hours, and community volunteer events.

Why did you stay at CS&L CPAs?

After the completion of my internship, I decided to stay with CS&L due to three primary reasons. The first reason why I decided to stay with CS&L is that I enjoy working with the team. The job can be very demanding at times, so it is nice to work alongside people who are like-minded and have similar hobbies as I do. I also greatly enjoyed the challenge that working at CS&L provided. On the audit side, interns and staff are fully involved in the audit process from top to bottom so there are several opportunities for learning and advancing. While being critically involved at all phases of the audit which makes for a steep learning curve, it also provides tremendous rewards in terms of the knowledge and experience. Lastly, I opted to stay with CS&L because I am a local, and really enjoy the outdoor activities available in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. -Zack,
Audit Staff

What really makes CS&L stand out is their firm culture. The firm culture is about fostering teamwork and growth for every staff member. That was more than evident during my internship. As an intern, almost every task I was given was a foreign concept to me. There were days where I would have pages of questions and I could go to ANYONE for help. If someone was available, they instantly tried to help. If they didn’t know the answer, they helped get me to the person who did. I never felt like I was all alone, trying to do all this work or figure out all these processes by myself. I felt supported and was never afraid to ask for help, or to try something and get it wrong. I felt extremely appreciated during my internship. The partners thanked us regularly for our hard-work. The firm provided outlets to help everyone get through busy season. We had lunches provided, fun socials, weekly workouts, and other events happening during our workday to help us break away from the daily grind. My experience interning for CS&L was better than anything I could have imagined. I went from wondering if I could get what I needed from public accounting to knowing I just needed the right firm.

Tax Intern

Working at CS&L CPAs was a remarkable experience because I had the opportunity to gain real-life experience as well as learning what it means to work in an accounting firm. I absolutely loved the company culture and working environment at CS&L CPAs. The team was friendly, approachable, and was always there if I had any questions. They truly do care about their employees, the community, and their clients. I also appreciated having a mentor that went through the same thing I did and was able to help guide me throughout my internship.

How did you know CS&L CPA was a company you wanted to work for?

The company’s culture, the opportunity to have a mentor, and the fact that it’s local was a plus. I am glad that I did decide to work here because I am pleased with the internship overall.

Client Services Tax Intern

My experience as an intern at CS&L has been amazing. Starting a new job is always nerve wracking, yet the CS&L team is extremely welcoming and knows how to make someone feel right at home. As an intern, the workload can be overwhelming at first, but the firm provided outlets to get through the busy season. The firm values quality work but also believes it is important to take time to decompress from the busy workday.The culture of the firm and the support from the team made me realize that CS&L was the right fit for me.

What is it like to move to a different state for an internship and school?

Moving to a different state for an internship and school is extremely overwhelming but also exciting.It opens the door to countless new experiences and opportunities.Leaving family and the place you call home can be difficult, but the support and encouragement from loved ones makes it worthwhile.Over the past four years, I have met so many amazing people that I would now consider my family and I can happily call Florida my new home.

Tax Intern