Hurricane Irma: Business Interruption Insurance Claims and Disaster Advisory Services

On behalf of the firm, we hope that your family and businesses experienced minimal damage and disruption from Hurricane Irma. While the storm created challenges and hardships for many, we are grateful that the worst-case scenario for our region did not transpire. Through this experience we’ve been reminded of the importance of hurricane preparedness, disaster recovery protocols and solid communication plans for our families, neighbors and businesses.

As businesses across Florida resume operations following Hurricane Irma, we encourage you to review your insurance policy for a potential business interruption or lost profits claim. Typically purchased as an addition to the company’s property insurance policy, business interruption insurance is intended to allow a business to return to normal operation after a disaster as though the disaster never occurred.

When filing a business interruption claim, supporting financial documents are needed outside of your insurance policy. These documents may include business expense reports, business revenue reports, details regarding business history including physical address, number of employees and more. If we can assist you in preparing your business interruption insurance claim, please contact us to discuss an engagement with the professionals at CS&L CPAs. Our accountants are experienced with the complexities of these claims and can help maximize your insurance recovery.

We are also available to answer your questions on tax matters such as casualty losses, extended due dates or anything related to your personal or business situation regarding the effects of the hurricane.

CS&L CPAs is eager to assist our clients in Hurricane Irma recovery efforts, working as your trusted advisors and advocates. Our continued goal is to ensure our clients and community are protected from unexpected loss, giving you greater peace of mind. Contact us if we can assist you in any way.

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